Wise Up

What I wish I could say…

Going to the dentist today

…but leaving my llama at home.

I bailed…

So I didn’t go to the writing group over the weekend.  Partly because I needed a nap, partly because I was too chicken.

Giving it a go…

So after much proding by family and friends, I am going to join a writers’ group.  I’m going to my first meeting tomorrow evening and am both excited and nervous.  Hopefully it will give me the extra kick in the butt I need to keep on writing as well as help me figure out how to do more with what I do write.

I’m am, however, a little bit afraid of having my precious ego trampled on…and of having the background voices that seem to tell me I’m not such a great writer after all reinforced.

I guess we’ll find out.

Job Prospects

For my readers who pray…

After over a year of unemployment, I’ve had the opportunity to apply for two part-time jobs that I would absolutely love and am quite confident I would be good at.  The first is a youth suicide prevention educator.  This would be extremely part-time and would involve me going into jr. high and sr. high classrooms to give presentations about suicide prevention.  The other is for the missions coordinator at my church.  I’d help train short-term teams, deal with fundraising and coordinate communication with long-term missionaries.  I really, really, really want this job!  The crazy thing is, both jobs would fit well together as far as time goes.  Also I am only taking two MSW classes this fall and both are in the evening, so they would fit with that schedule as well.  So…

Pray hard!

The web of a spider possesses a mysterious intricacy.  Did the tiny creature precisely plan each interwoven angle, or did the web’s delicate features appear as passively as those which parents pass on to their newly born child?

Have you ever stumbled head on into a spider’s web?  Maybe on a hiking trail or in the corner of a not so recently cleaned attic.  Sometimes we notice the web and stare briefly in wonderment, but my experience has been that more often than not, I stumble into spider webs accidentally.  My arms flail and I shudder violently as if I’d been demonically possessed.  And if the spider is nearby, I kill it.  I assign no significance to the masterpiece or its creator.

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Joshua 3:5

Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.

What if I really believed that?  I mean daily, really believed that God was going to do something great in and through me…and I believed it adamantly enough to be different, to try to make myself holy, to set myself apart from the status quo.   Who would I be?  How would I live?


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