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Why is he allowed to talk?

Don’t ask why, but I am watching the 700 Club right now.  Pat Robertson just suggested his plan for the end of the war.  He said we should get Syria to take over Iraq and the two can combine into one country.  Then Syria would have lot of oil, but they could only have Iraq if they promise to make peace with Israel.  Something about Isaiah 19.

Throw me a bone.  This guy is such an idiot.

He also said Bush needs to stop fighting scripture and change his plans for Iraq b/c the road map is just not biblical.


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This is how I feel…


I’m tired.  I’d rather die than study.  I have a Greek midterm tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to be a bit more healthy lately.  As in yesterday.  I really needed sugar and caffeine today.  Badly.  So I feel like Eyore.  Just kind of blah and slow.  Ho hum.

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