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After ruling out a spur of the moment solo trip to the Grand Canyon yesterday, I decided instead to find a plane ticket to Orlando, Grand Rapids, Seattle or San Francisco.  No luck.  Apparently buying tickets three hours in advance isn’t so cheap.  So instead I worked at church organizing craft supplies and construction paper.  Then I rented five movies.  All but two sucked.  Those in the crapola category included Venus, Because I Said So and Syrian Bride.  The last one was actually good.  The crap part was that the case said it was in English and it was totally subtitles.  How to Eat Fried Worms, Stranger than Fiction and Jesus Camp were the winners.  Oh…guess that makes it six.  I cannot believe I watched six movies in a day and a half. 

Today I went antique shopping.  Got some cool stuff.  I was actully looking for a piece or two of furniture, but I encountered only overpriced stuff and lame attempts at copying the real stuff.  I love it when antique people try to lie to me about that kind of crap.  Seriously, do they not think I’d notice the hardware didn’t match?

Also during the antiquing extravaganza, I met a lady that is from Holland, Mich.  Small world.  I also talked about Jesus with a lady who hit on me.  We were talking about tolerance and I told her that Jesus didn’t do hate.  If hate was his deal, he would have gone around kicking people’s asses  because he totally had the power to do so.  Instead, he decided to have dinner with the people everyone else thought should have their asses kicked. 

Roman’s road?  YWAM approved?  Yeah right.  But I think it might have been what she needed to hear.  She said she went to a church that wouldn’t let the boys swim after age  13 for certain anatomical/biological reasons.  She said it was really hard to be her especially after she knew who she really was.  That’s why she thought Jesus was either a crock or that he hated her.  She said she’d never looked at the way I said.  I told her that’s probably to be expected b/c most people don’t use Jesus and kicking ass in the same sentence.

Even after the evangelizing she still wanted to know if I’d be around later for a beer.  Told her I lived on the other side of town which was true.  Seriously though, if I actually had friends in Phoenix to come with me, I totally would have met up with her later.  At any rate, I walked out her rainbow covered door with my new beer mugs and martini glasses without accepting her offer. 

Hope that didn’t affect her knew angle on Jesus.

I also signed up for Facebook over the weekend.  I don’t even know what the heck it is or what I am supposed to do with it.  All I know is that I felt like something of a tool putting out these invitations asking people to be my friend.  So far I’m just getting yeses.  Do people ever reply with a hell no?  And now that I have friends, what am I supposed to do with them?  I already talk to them over the phone and through email.  What am I supposed to put on their wall?  Hi.  Read the email I just sent.  You rock. 

Okay…that’s all. 

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Update: 7:04

I think I’m hitting my third wind.  Yipee.

And my day is already exponentially better than the way my day was going yesterday at this time.

In 12 hours I’ll be “up north” at the cabin where it’s “cooler.”  That means south of Flagstaff and 90 degrees.

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Things to do at 4:01 a.m.

Hello.  My name is not Gordon and I am not with the Violent Femmes.  I have not been locked inside my house, but I have definitely been locked outside.

So now I am at church eating double cheeseburgers.

I was babysitting for a couple so they could go to the midnight premier of the Harry Potter movie.  I think my host family thought I was spending the night b/c when I got back to the house at 3:30, the extra locks that can only be opened from the inside were engaged.  I didn’t want to wake the people up and I was kind of hitting a second wind, so I thought I’d just go work for awhile.  I figure if I can just last until 7:00, I’ll be able to get in.

But until then, it’s me, McDonald’s, Diet Coke and hopefully some good tunes.

And can I please just say that it is now 4:05 and it is 92 degrees here!!!!!!


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I wanted to be at work early this morning, so I went the gym early too.  I was in a rush when I left the house, so I didn’t grab anything to eat.

Bad move.

I was running quite sluggishly (like I had to walk).  I gave in after 30 minutes, even though I was really aiming for 45 minutes and headed to the locker room.

I promptly barfed.  And just so you know medicine + no food + running = puke.

Then I  pulled my shower stuff out of my bad and managed to rocket launch my bottle of perfume on to the floor.  It was darn near full.  It was the only perfume I had.  Today, I do not smell like Gap Heaven, but the women’s locker room at Pure Fitness on 43rd and Thunderbird sure does.

Then I realized that I lost my shower flip-flops somewhere between yesterday morning and this morning.  I had to take a shower with bare feet.  Yucky.  Yucky.  Yucky. I wanted to barf again.  I had to stand on the way sides of my feet.  It was rough.  I gagged a lot and did the total body shiver thing at least three times.

I had to shave my legs, but based the prior 15 minutes of my life, I decided that me and a razor might not be the best combination.

Moral of the story:  Eat breakfast.

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