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That’s all.  I just needed to sigh.  Thank you.


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Just a little bit Naughty

Are you kidding me???

The book I’d better NOT ever get as a gift of any kind.

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Gomer, sweet Gomer

I thought marriage and family week in ethics was last week, but apparently it’s this week too. Our prof was going over various places in scripture where marital faithfulness is discussed when one student raised his hand and said, “You mean the women Hosea married wasn’t from a place call Whoredom? She was actually a whore?” He was serious. I died of laughter on the inside. Where do you suppose he thought Whoredom was?

and preaching update…it went very well. I got a lot of positive feedback from a variety of folks. I did succeed at calming my busy hands down. Only to develop some random leg kick thing. My sister said I didn’t look like a bad karate movie anymore, but I did look an awful lot like a Rockette.

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jibberish at 2:38 a.m.

I am awake for no apparent reason. I had three beers b/f heading to bed, so one would think I’d have sacked out hours ago.  But no.  So…I finally figured out Facebook.  Go me.  Too bad the last picture I had taken of myself was in a foreign land in 2005.  Either way, I look hot so it doesn’t matter how old the picture I posted is.  I have a Hebrew test in the morning.  I don’t know anything.  They had us go to the board the other day.  I thought they said to draw whatever word they said.  So when they said whale, I drew a whale.  Everyone else wrote the word for whale.  I figure, at least I know the word for whale.  I sure as hell can’t spell it, but I can recognize it if I hear it.  My fabulous little sister will be arriving in the big mitten in about 15 hours.  I cannot wait.  Love her to pieces.  I preach on Sunday.  Yee haw.  My one goal is to calm my very animated hands down.  My roommate and another friend said I look like a bad karate movie when I preach, so I decided the hands need to be controlled.  Well, I suppose that’s all for now.

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Overcoming bad habits

I just want to publicly declare that I played a little volleyball Monday night and for the first time probably ever, I didn’t utter a single swear word. Yes, I freely used words like dang it, fudge, shooters, bugger, jeez, son of a gun, Judas and many, many more that I am not sure I want to remember. But as far as I can recall, I didn’t swear once. Which is a vast improvement, considering what happened during a volleyball game at the beginning of the school year last year.

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With a title like that, I doubt you were expecting to read a post about baseball.  But that’s what it is – just a post about baseball.

But here’s the deal…I may be on the brink of forsaking my lover.  It didn’t happen on purpose, and I am only just beginning to admit it to myself.

I have all but cheated on the Cubbies.  I have been lusting after the D’backs in my heart.

Living in Arizona for the summer messed with my head in so many ways, but who knew that desert sun could shoot its blazing hot arrows of love into my honest, pure, Midwestern, Cub-loving heart.  I mean, really, it would be much more scandalous and even expected for me to have an affair with the Twins or Atlanta, my high school sweetheart.

I didn’t realize I had such strong feelings for the D’backs.  This summer, I even tried to mock them.  But they grow on you.  Might be the new-old style stadium.  Or the shrewd and passionate desire of the owner to develop a solid franchise.  It could have been the overwhelming number of Hispanic families that attend the home games.  It could have been all those things.

Come to think of it though, I am pretty sure it was the pool they have in the outfield stands.  And the very dashing young men that fill up the roster.  (Hell…if those dashing young men were filling up the pool, this would straight up be the great divorce.)

So here I sit.  It’s game three.  The Cubs are down 4-1.  If they lose tonight it’s all over.  The problem is that from the first inning of game one, my heart has been betraying me.  Eric Byrnes cuts one over the wall.  I ‘argh’ out loud, but I ‘woo hoo’ on the inside.  Cubs up, bases loaded, one out…instead of hoping for the ball to fall into a whole in right center, I’m mentally trying to conjure up a grounder to short.

What a sick, sick soul.  I am so confused.  Cubs…Diamondbacks…they’ve played my heart and messed with my head.  What can I do?  If the Cubs lose, do I cheer on Arizona?  I am not a bandwagon jumper, but oh how I would hate to reveal my little love affair.  Jumping the bandwagon or cheating…which is worse?  I could try to convince myself to cheer for the D’backs on the grounds of wanting the guy that beat us to win it all b/c apparently that makes us look like better losers.  If I do that, Eric Byrnes, Chris Young and the beautiful Mr. Jeff Cirillo, will you all think I have betrayed you?

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still need to post

I do, I do, I do.  I do need to post.  I need to catch ya’ll up on my life (that of course is making the assumption that anyone reading actually cares).

I need to write about joy…about how the joy of my salvation returned.  And how I’m trying to make sure it stays.

I want to write about the many tangled up, broken down hearts that are part of my life.  But I won’t.

I will, however, write about this amazing concept regarding the largeness and smallness of our inner spaces.  The larger your inner space, the more you can hold inside in a healthy manner.  My inner space is growing, so I don’t need to let all I’d like to say about the broken hearts spill over.  I want to write, but I don’t need to.  That probably doesn’t make much sense.  I am going to do my best to fill you in a bit more.

I need to tell you how torn I am over the first round of the MLB play-offs.  My beloved Cubs are playing the Arizona Diamondbacks, a team I’ve gained appreciation for.  The Cubs keep losing.  Argh.  I think if the Dbacks win, they’ll make it to the World Series.

Oh…and I need to tell you about Webkinz.  I am totally addicted.  It’s an insane plot to turn the children of America into online power shoppers.

So that’s all.  I’m way busy this semester.  I really want to write about all this.  We’ll see what happens.

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