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What can’t be taken away

Although I don’t write much about the reflecting I do regarding my upcoming transition into marriage and motherhood, I do do plenty of reflecting.  I just turned 29 yesterday and I found myself thinking…

I’m almost 30.  I’m almost married.  I almost have a four-year old.  I’m almost a stay-at-home mom.

Seems like my reflections, fleeting as they may be, are jaw-dropping.

Today’s momentary reflection came just now.  The chica came down from bed, desperate for a granola bar.  While she was so politely pleading, I was gazing at the website for Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle.  Her daddy presented her with the much needed snack and a melancholic something settled over me.

It’s something I’ve realized before, but everytime I realize it, I realize it deeper.  After January 31, the almosts (except the 30 part) will be reality and the horizon of my dreams will be far narrower than it has ever been.

But then the chica started putting the chocolate chips from her granola bar into her belly button.

The gray cloud lifted and an August’s worth of sunshine poured back in.

“In 10 minutes we’ll take away your snack and it will be time to go back to bed,” we told her.

The chica giggles her reply, “But you can’t take away my belly button.”


No we can’t.  And she and her daddy do not take but give all that is good to me.

kisses and hugs, little girl.  kisses and hugs.

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