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…but leaving my llama at home.

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I am going to come clean. I am a closet Paris Hilton fan. I had a few very free months after moving back to the States a couple of years ago and I sat around watching lots of American cable television. I fell in love with The Surreal Life and while I think Paris is too snooty for us to ever be friends, I do think she is a riot. I am especially in love with her jab back at McCain for his use of her image in a recent ad. I am not technologically advanced enough to know how to embed video into my blog and I am way to lazy to read the FAQ’s to find out. But here’s the link. It’s a must see.

The McCain ad for comparison.

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They take out softball and baseball and replace them with what?

Yoga.  Yeah, yoga.  Competitive yoga.

I agree with one of the guys in this PRI piece – the only way yoga will ever be competitive is if it’s combat yoga.

Although, I will readily admit that most people who can do yoga really well could probably kick my ass around the block and back a few times.  But doesn’t ass-kicking go against everything yoga stands for?  That’s, as Robin WIlliams said recently, like Ghandi with bling.

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