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…but leaving my llama at home.


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I am going to come clean. I am a closet Paris Hilton fan. I had a few very free months after moving back to the States a couple of years ago and I sat around watching lots of American cable television. I fell in love with The Surreal Life and while I think Paris is too snooty for us to ever be friends, I do think she is a riot. I am especially in love with her jab back at McCain for his use of her image in a recent ad. I am not technologically advanced enough to know how to embed video into my blog and I am way to lazy to read the FAQ’s to find out. But here’s the link. It’s a must see.

The McCain ad for comparison.

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They take out softball and baseball and replace them with what?

Yoga.  Yeah, yoga.  Competitive yoga.

I agree with one of the guys in this PRI piece – the only way yoga will ever be competitive is if it’s combat yoga.

Although, I will readily admit that most people who can do yoga really well could probably kick my ass around the block and back a few times.  But doesn’t ass-kicking go against everything yoga stands for?  That’s, as Robin WIlliams said recently, like Ghandi with bling.

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Things that make me laugh

1. The Office…Until last night, I had never seen a single episode of The Office. Thanks to Netflix, I can watch on my computer whenever I want. If there’s actually anyone else left out there who’s not seen it, you must watch it.

2. My roommate…we were having an obscenely theological discussion in a class yesterday. A third of the folks were fully engaged, the rest were totally confused. At one point my roommate tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to find her with her ear pressed into her travel coffee mug, a blank stare on her face, saying “Shh…I can hear the ocean.”

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Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping last night.  I didn’t really need much besides milk and juice and some mouth wash and moisturizer.  There were a lot of things on sale – namely store brand beverages – so my cart was quickly filled with things like sparkling water, diet cola, flavored sparkling water, and drink mix in addition to the necessary milk and OJ.  I also threw in a couple packs of Sponge Bob Square Pants Go-Gurt.  (for my friends living abroad, that’s yogurt you suck out of a tube.  it’s good.)

As I was placing my purchase up on the conveyor belt for the cashier, I joked that I had no food – just beverages and some toiletries.  He laughed.  I laughed.  Then I said, “oh, nope…I got some go-gurt., but I don’t know if that counts because you suck it out of a tube.”

Then while scanning my mouth wash he said…

“Yeah…and you know that when you’re sucking stuff out of a tube you have to have fresh breath and good skin to do it.”

I have no idea if that was the most unsolicited piece of advice about my sex life that I’ve ever gotten or if the poor guy didn’t realize what he was saying until it was too late, but I was dying on the inside.  I couldn’t even look at him.  I laughed a little bit, he laughed a little bit.  Then he suddenly stopped laughing – either because he realized what he had just said and was totally humiliated or he suddenly realized that that kind of innuendo  isn’t necessarily an appropriate exchange between the cashier and the customer.

Either way, I thought it was hysterical.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to eat my Sponge Bob go-gurt though,

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Just a little bit Naughty

Are you kidding me???

The book I’d better NOT ever get as a gift of any kind.

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