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I bailed…

So I didn’t go to the writing group over the weekend.  Partly because I needed a nap, partly because I was too chicken.


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Giving it a go…

So after much proding by family and friends, I am going to join a writers’ group.  I’m going to my first meeting tomorrow evening and am both excited and nervous.  Hopefully it will give me the extra kick in the butt I need to keep on writing as well as help me figure out how to do more with what I do write.

I’m am, however, a little bit afraid of having my precious ego trampled on…and of having the background voices that seem to tell me I’m not such a great writer after all reinforced.

I guess we’ll find out.

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1.  Made my hubby a pretty miserable lunch.

2.  Took Ms. Thang to her daycare lady’s house where she proceeded to cling to my leg and act like she was 2 instead of 4.

3.  Went to Wal-Mart.  Gag.

4.  Escorted the dog on her best ride ever to the vet.  She finally figured out how to hang her head out the window like a normal dog.

5. Brought my own sad version of a lunch to my hubby’s work to have lunch with him.

6.  Walked the dog and was pleased that she did not find any dead baby birds to eat.

7.  Watched an episode of Family Feud.  I knew it was a few decades old when the answers to “What can some people do for hours at a time?” included sewing but not surfing the net.

8.  Got new windshield wipers for my car and felt like a total girly blonde when I asked the guy to put them on my car for me.

9.  Was surprised to pick Ms. Thang up from daycare and find out that she had no recollection of being a two-year old earlier in the day.

10.  Took Ms. Thang to dance class in her new leotard and dance slippers only to be dumbstruck by a total meltdown that had something to do with tiptoes and parents.

11.  Purposely left a rambling 5 minute message on a friend’s answering machine.

12.  Ate some chicken.

13.  Watched some Sifl & Oly clips that my old college roommate sent.  God I love sock puppets.  Does anyone else remember these guys?

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Time to write

Well, it looks like my summer is going to include much more free time than initially expected. I had a lot of free time in May and unfortunately, all the extra time on my hands sent me into something of a depression. I’m bound and determined to make the rest of the summer work out differently and I am pretty sure that one of the ways that will happen is if I write daily. I need to think out loud, or at least in print, and not just leave myself alone in my head.

I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about, so if you have any a meme or a suggestion, please send them my way.

If you have any leads on hot jobs in Kalamazoo, MI, send those my way too!

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Well, I’ve already mentioned the biggest life change – marriage and becoming the insta-mom to a stellar four-year old girl.  Another major change in my household is that we adopted a puppy.  Her name is Obee.  (Dylann had recently heard the biblical story of Ruth and wanted to name the dog Obed.  We convinced her that Obed was a man, so we settled on Obee as a nice feminine alternative.)  She’s a good pup – a basset, beagle mix.


She does bark quite a bit and we’re hoping our new sonic collar will put a stop to that.  She can sit and rings a bell to go outside.  We’re just working on ‘come’ and some separation anxiety issues…obedience classes start in a couple of weeks.

Having a dog in general has been awesome, but there are times she makes me crazy.  A puppy is totally like a newborn.  She’s finally to the point of needing to go outside only once in the middle of the night as opposed to four or five times.  She chews up everything and is loosing all her teeth.  (Actually the chewing thing is improving amazingly). We’ve got the accidents almost all under control, but it’s still annoying when it happens.

And most annoying of all, this dog has been led to believe that she sleeps in a queen-sized bed between a pair of newlyweds.  I guess it’s partly our fault…we let her get away with it.


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Adyson Michelle McAlpine

Looks like her mama, but she’s got the McAlpine chin.

Pops cutting the cord.

Quite the grandpa!!

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A to Z

Tagged by Elizabeth

A: Attached or Single?  Attached to a fabulous fiance and an almost step-daughter.
B. Best Friend? I guess it depends on what state or country I am in.
C: Cake or pie? Either if it involves lots and lots of Cool Whip.
D: Day of choice? Any day that involves sleeping in, spending ample time outdoors and watching a ball game.
E: Essential Item?  My calendar and my iPod.
F: Favorite color? Blue for decorating, black or brown for wearing.
G: Gummy bears or worms? Definitely sour gummy worms…or…Swedish Fish.
H: Hometown? Good question.  How’s NW Iowa for an answer?
I: Favorite indulgence? Dairy Queen.
J: January or July? Definitely July.
K: Kids?  Love ’em so much they’ve gotten me into trouble.
L: Life isn’t complete without?  Beaches, beer, ball games, books and babies.
M: Marriage date? May 23, 2009.
N: Number of brothers and sisters? 3 brothers, 1 sister, 1 sister-in-law
O: Oranges or apples? Apples w/ caramel dip.
P: Phobias?  I am afraid that birds will try to peck my eyes out, excessive numbers of worms on sidewalks after it rains.
Q: Quotes?  “Settle down; it’s time to get sexy” ~ Dan, the fiance (followed by him playing Barry White music, as if that was going to help me stop laughing.)
R: Reasons to Smile?  My niece was born an hour ago!!
S: Season of choice?  Summer.  Or all four season if I am living in Arizona.
T: Tag 5 People: I’m pretty much to lazy for dealing w/ this question right now.
U: Unknown fact?  I have 5 pairs of Sponge Bob Square Pants underwear.
V: Vegetable?  Broccoli or spinach.
W: Worst habit? Speeding.
X: X-ray or Ultrasound?  How about an MRI?.
Y: Your favorite food?  Bring on the steak!!!.
Z: Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius.

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