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This post will make no sense to you if you have never watched Daniel Tiger. It’s on Netflix and I highly recommend it to folks with little kids and to kidless folks who are just feeling a little random and bored. I have seen every episode at least 25 times. Caleb is addicted. (Always swore my kid would never spend hours staring at the tv, but I think that perceived failure is another post on its own.)

Anyway…the show has these songs. About everything including going potty. Which, by the way, you are supposed to stop and go right away. Then flush and wash and be on your way.

One of the songs is about how grown ups always come back. The social worker in me goes nuts when I hear this song. Grown ups don’t always come back. Sometimes they die or run off with the pool boy. And then there’s the group of grown ups that kids really don’t want to see come back.

I’m also convinced all the adults in the program have a secret flask or pack of cigs somewhere. They’re just entirely too calm. And I know I couldn’t deal with that Katerina Kitty Cat without some extra help.

For real though, I really do like the show. I wouldn’t have it on auto repeat play all day if I didn’t.

I’ve learned some fancy parenting techniques. When I feel so mad that I want to roar, I now take a deep breath and count to 4. I also now aspire to feed my kids healthier and homemade food. Mom Tiger makes oatmeal with blueberries or strawberry pancakes almost everyday.



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