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I’m currently reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.   If I’d picked this up pre-marriage, it would have made me puke and I probably would have lit the sucker on fire.  Schlessinger advocates women being at home, looking nice when their husbands arrive home from work and faithfully tending to their husband’s sexual needs. Like I said, at one point this would have made me vomit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it still would make many of my readers gag.



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Long Overdue Update

It’s been a long time.  A really long time and so much has changed.

Most importantly, I’m married now.  The nuptials took place during a private ceremony on the evening of January 30.  We had a private reception that night and then a small open house reception the next day.  The whole affair seemed to go smoothly, but to be honest, I was stressed out enough that I only vaguely remember Thursday through Monday. Yipes.  But I have WONDERFUL pictures to aid in the remembering thanks to my pals at Steven F. Fox Photography.  Hands down the best photographers EVER. The pictures were actually one of the funnest parts of the whole deal.  Here are just a few shots from the big day…

I’ve heard lots of grumbling about my poor blogging skills over what I suppose has been the last year.  I’m truly hoping to get back in the swing of things.  I’ve got to get my head around a few things.  Some of that is simply processing what life has been over the last year; part of that specifically is figuring out the transition from single to married with kids (and a puppy).

In the meantime, if you see a prolonged abscence again, shoot a meme my way and that will at least be something to get me started.

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